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Welcome to this short video on TheProject and how you can get special eBooks, which can contain your contact information. You may read them personally and give them to others as a gift.

This website is designed to work with all devices and specifically mobile devices; therefore, there is limited graphics and video throughout the website. The video will cover the purpose of each link. If you are on a cell phone, you may need to press the menu button in the top right of your screen to see the links to the rest of the website and system.

What is TheProject? TheProject is a group of downloadable PDF eBooks covering a variety of subjects intended to reach a large number of people in different markets. An advertising link can be purchased at the top of every page in each eBook for a one time price of $20.00.

As example, the primary Circulating Currency eBook targets teaching bitcoin to merchants and consumers. The concept is that any merchant, such as a sandwich store, can put a flier in their window saying they accept bitcoin. On the flier is a link to download the Circulating Currency eBook for free with the name, email, and website address of the sandwich store in the eBook. If their customers do not know about bitcoin, the eBook will teach them everything. The next time the customer returns to the store, they will be able to purchase with bitcoin.

We feel the market is now ready for businesses to engage in bitcoin as an alternative method of payment. We accept bitcoin as payment for the advertising and focus on teaching about bitcoin, specifically with the Circulating Currency eBook.

All the eBooks are given away free to attract new customers. New eBooks will be added in the future at no additional cost.

The mission of the company is to raise funds through the sale of the eBook advertising and develop projects for food, water, energy and medical for anyone along with the company’s own cause. Our goal is to empower anyone in the world wanting to change their life by providing opportunity through our company via our eBooks.

The Library link at the top of the website will give you greater detail about TheProject eBooks. It covers what is in the eBooks, the cost, some sample methods for marketing, and uses of the eBooks.

The Download eBooks link will allow you to download any of the five eBooks for free coded to the individual who referred you. All you need to do is click Download eBooks, select the eBook, click the green submit button, enter your name and email, and finally press the blue “Rebrand this Book” link.

The brander will include your name and email in the eBook then give you a link to download your PDF version of the eBook. You can copy and give the link to others and they will get the same eBook download page with YOUR information in the eBook.

Please note the Circulating Currency download link is in several prominent places including the top left of most pages because it is the primary eBook we are promoting.

If you want to change the advertising on the top and bottom of the eBooks, you will first need to press the Register link at the top of the page. Registration is a very important process and must be followed exactly. You need to register so we know the information to put in your advertising for the eBooks you give to others. Make sure the referral ID shows correctly on the registration page and you verify it by entering it as the Sponsor’s ID.

Your name, email, password and PIN are ALL used for security purposes and identification for branding the eBooks. Do not lose them and write them down. No one can recover your password and PIN if you lose it. Your link will be at the bottom of every page in all eBooks. You will need your security information to access and change advertising in your eBooks.

If your registration is successful, you will be taken to a Success Page and presented your ID. If you see this page, you have registered correctly. Write this down because it will never change and you need it to access just about everything in our program, including branding the eBooks with your information. If you used a correct email, you should receive an email confirmation with your new ID in the email.

Once you register, you will need to “Purchase” both the Circulating Currency eBook for $15, and TheProject eBooks for $5.00. You need both ads, if you want to change the advertising on the top of all pages in all eBooks. Make sure you have sufficient bitcoin before attempting to purchase.

As example, when purchasing the advertising in TheProject eBooks, log in with YOUR ID and Password. Press the Add to Cart button to prepare the $5.00 payment. Then press the View Cart to verify the purchase. The View Page will show the $5.00 converted into the value of bitcoin at the time of the transaction. We display bitcoin value as “bits”. Satoshi, the smallest unit of bitcoin, are always ten times the “Total Bits”, or in this case 5000 bits x 10 = 50,000 Satoshi. The value of bits will ALWAYS change at the time of your advertising purchase because of the way the Bitcoin Blockchain works. If you make a mistake, press Empty Cart and start over, otherwise press Checkout.

On the Checkout Page, you will enter the Qualifying ID of the person you are paying for, or your own ID if paying your own payment. Reenter the SAME ID in the Verify Qualifying ID box. This ID is the one which will be credited for paying the $5.00 ad for TheProject. HOWEVER, whoever is “Logged In” will receive any refunds or over payments because it is assumed the logged in person is the one paying. Press the Submit button.

The Review and Confirm page is your last chance before paying so make sure all is correct before continuing. If you have made mistakes, close the page and start over. If all is ready to go, make sure you have your Copay or other wallet ready to make a payment. You will only have a few minutes on the payment page to complete the payment. Press Confirm & Pay.

On the payment page we HIGHLY recommend you use Copay where you can press the camera button and your camera will read the QR code with all information which contains the correct amount and records your invoice number right in your Copay. If you do it manually, you will need to copy and paste the bitcoin address, the correct number of bits and the invoice number. The invoice number is CRITICAL for tracing your order if you have any questions. Make sure you pay the “bits” required, which may not necessarily be the Dollar amount.

When you confirm and send your payment on your Copay or other application, you will very quickly see the amount received in green below the “Click to View Status” button.

Finally, after recording all information, click the “Click to View Status” button and check your transaction on the internet blockchain. There is information available through many providers to show you where the bitcoin came from and where it went to. Initially, your payment will show unconfirmed, but after about 10 minutes, refresh your page and it should show one or more transactions. If your transaction does not show confirmations after an hour, you probably either did not press the send button on your application or made some other mistake. If the confirmations do not show on the blockchain, you will have to send again, with a NEW transaction by logging in and starting over, because the company never received your payment. Do not resend to the old payment address because the company already marked it as failed.

This slide is a view of the transaction through another blockchain provider. Notice the six confirmations and the amount sent. The value can be shown in US Dollars or BTC. You need to multiply the BTC by 100,000,000 to know how many Satoshi were sent and received.

Once you have paid for your adverting, you will be able to click the link “Change Advertising” and change the advertising link in all eBooks as often as you want. You will need your Password to view your current advertising, and again your Password and PIN to change the advertising on the top of all pages of your eBooks. Enter the website and extension as directed on the website. In most cases you will leave the Extension field blank.

Once registered you will be able to check your paid invoices by clicking the “Invoices” link in the top right of the website. You will once again need your password, and you will need to select which group of eBooks for which invoices you want to view. You will be able to see all invoices paid when logged in with your ID and which ones were paid, for your ID.

Finally, after registering, you can click “Security” and will be able to change your Password, PIN and email address.

If you have questions and cannot locate the individual who referred you, you can contact the company by the Legal link on the bottom of the Registration page.

Go ahead and download all the eBooks and read them. They are free. Hopefully one or more of them will be of value to you personally or as a gift.

Thank you for watching this video.

Copyright 2016: Genus Enterprises LLLP All Rights Reserved.