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The Library is a collection of eBooks currently available in TheProject. The eBooks are broken into two groups. The first group consists of the Circulating Currency eBook ad for $15 and the second group currently consists of four eBooks with ads for a one time price of $5.00 targeting large potential customer bases.

You will need to purchase both groups for a total of $20.00 in order to take full advantage of the advertising in the eBooks. If you purchase the two groups, you will be able to put your name and email on the first page and any website link at the top of every page in all five eBooks. You will be able to modify the advertising as often as you want, targeting unlimited markets, each with unlimited contact information.

You can give the eBooks away for training or as a gift or promotion in exchange for a potential contact while advertising your business or cause.

Circulating Currency

The Circulating Currency eBook teaches you everything you need to know about digital currency including what, where, and how to obtain bitcoin. It will teach you how to use bitcoin to sell any product or service from your website or business.

You can give away a copy of the Circulating Currency eBook to every merchant in town with the specific merchant’s contact information. The merchant can advertise the free eBook in their window to get customers to come in the store. Take the merchant another step and show them how they can accept digital currency in their store.

You can give the Circulating Currency eBook to everyone involved in digital currency to teach them about digital currency while at the same time advertising anything you want at the top of each page.

TheProject eBooks

TheProject currently has four additional eBooks covering a variety of subjects designed to reach large memberships.

The type of customers you will be able to contact with these eBooks include merchants, businesses, network marketing affiliates, online businesses needing leads, causal groups looking for fundraising and many more.

The Bitcoin Petition eBook is designed to target anyone involved in digital currency with the specific purpose to get bitcoin declared as money by the USA Congress across all government agencies. An online digital currency company can give away the Bitcoin Petition eBook to draw customers to their area of interest while promoting their cause.

The B-OHB eBook is designed to target anyone wanting to learn about ketosis and the only alternative food (beta-hydroxybutyrate)to sugar your body can consume. Your brain and heart prefer B-OHB over sugar. A doctor can give away the B-OHB eBook to all their patients, if they come in for a check up. You can sell B-OHB eBooks to hundreds of thousands of marketing representatives in several marketing companies involved in the product, with the advertising link to their affiliate website.

The Survival and Safety eBook is designed to target all individuals concerned about protecting their family in the event of a catastrophic event. A survival group could give away the Survival and Safety eBook to their potential customers, if their customers subscribe to their newsletter.

The Round Tuit eBook specifically targets individuals looking for an income marketing our eBook advertising. It introduces potential sales representatives to the entire PPEC marketing program.

The HYIP eBook. This ebook is designed to teach individuals about High Yield Interest Programs. There are samples and guidance for readers when considering risky investments,

Other marketing examples include:

A lead generation company might give away ALL the eBooks to people who provide their name, email and phone, if the customer agrees to accept marketing email. At the same time the lead generation company advertises their own lead generation company.

An internet marketing affiliate might link the top of every page in one or more eBooks back to their company affiliate website and give the eBooks away in forums, on their Facebook page or many other outlets.

Additional eBooks will be added in the future with no additional cost. If you have an incredible product or information book, you would like to convert to an eBook and add to our program, please contact the company.

Download the eBooks today and educate yourself.

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