2-4 Team Points

What they are and how you get them.

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  • Based on Performance

Note: The content below can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page. This video pertains to the Main Program as well as TheProject

Let us examine how a 2-4 group works.

2-4 groups are a very important concept in the Main Program because all bonuses, pools and other benefits depend on the 2-4 groups.

So, how do members get points for a 2-4 group?

Suppose this young lady joins and invites a doctor and a flight attendant.

These become her first 2 children.

Both the doctor and the flight attendant invite 2 of their own children.

This creates a total of 4 grandchildren for the lady.

2 children and 4 grandchildren equals 1 point for the lady.

In another example, let us suppose she once again invites the doctor and flight attendant.

But this time, the doctor only invites 1 customer while the flight attendant invites 3 customers.

Again the lady has 2 children and 4 grandchildren. She still receives 1 point in this example.

In another example, the young lady could a doctor and a flight attendant for the same 2 children.

But in this case, the flight attendant invites 4 customers and the doctor invites no one.

The young lady still has 2 children and 4 grandchildren which also equals 1 point.

Here is a table revealing how many points you can receive for multiple 2-4 Groups.

When you invite 2 children and they invite 4 grandchildren you receive 1 point.

When you invite 4 children and they collectively invite 8 grandchildren. . . you receive 2 points.

And so on, with 6 children and 12 grandchildren you receive 3 points.

8 children and 16 grandchildren qualifies you for 4 points.

10 children and 20 grandchildren qualifies you for 5 points.

This is a never-ending cycle that can go indefinitely.

That is how a 2-4 grouping qualifies you for points.

NOTICE – We sometimes award special points for specific actions, which can be very valuable. As example, during the first three Phase pre-launch, we award 2 points for purchasing the Second Phase eBook and another 5 points for purchasing the Third Phase eBook. Someone would have to invite 14 children and 28 grandchildren (that’s paid customers) in the First Phase to equal this combined bonus.

Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.