Fast Start Approach

TheProject Feeder Program

  • What is Fast Start
  • $20.00 Out of Pocket
  • Advertise in 6 eBooks
  • Huge Target Market
  • Learn Digital Currency
  • $10.50 Per Each Sale
  • $0.25 Sale By Others
  • Everyone Sells 4 Fast Start
  • Upgrade $30 - 10 Times Pay
  • Upgrade $300 - 100 Times Pay
  • 10 Personal Sales
  • 20 Second Level Sales
  • Unlimited Potential Income
  • The Fast Start is now $20

Note: The content below can be translated into any language using the Google Translate button directly above the video on this page.

Below we cover the Fast Start Approach to TheProject. The video is slightly different because you can only pay it forward for two people per sale due to the increase in bitcoin miner's fees from $0.49 to $2.00.

The Fast Start approach includes the sale of the Circulating Currency eBook ad for $15 and TheProject ads for $5.00 as a combined unit for $20.00.

Circulating Currency teaches you everything you need to know about digital currency including what, where, and how to obtain bitcoin.

TheProject currently has four additional niche eBooks covering a variety of subjects designed to reach large memberships.

The type of customers you will be able to contact with these eBooks include merchants, businesses, network marketing affiliates, online businesses needing leads, causal groups looking for fundraising and many more.

For $20.00 you purchase the combined advertising in the current six eBooks. You can change the name, email and website the eBooks link to as often as you want. In fact you can have an unlimited number of copies of the eBooks, each with different contact information.

You can give the eBooks away for training or as a gift or promotion in exchange for a potential contact while advertising your business or cause.

Some examples include:

You can give away a copy of the Circulating Currency eBook to every merchant in town with the specific merchant’s contact information. The merchant can advertise the free eBook in their window to get customers to come in the store. Take the merchant another step and show them how they can accept digital currency in their store.

You can give the Circulating Currency eBook to everyone involved it digital currency to teach them about digital currency while at the same time advertising anything you want at the top of each page.

An online digital currency company can give away the Bitcoin Petition eBook to draw customers to their niche while promoting their cause.

A doctor can give away the B-OHB eBook to all their patients, if they come in for a check up. You can sell B-OHB eBooks to hundreds of thousands of marketing representatives in several marketing companies involved in the product with the link to their affiliate website.

A survival group could give away the Survival and Safety eBook to their potential customers, if their customers subscribe to their newsletter.

A bitcoin trader may give away the HYIP eBook to introduce them to their trading software.

A lead generation company might give away ALL the eBooks to people who provide their name, email and phone, if the customer agrees to accept marketing email. At the same time the lead generation company advertises their own lead generation company and derive a secondary income from eBook sales linked to their ID.

An internet marketing affiliate might link the top of every page in one or more eBooks back to their company affiliate website and give the eBooks away in forums, on their Facebook page or many other outlets.

The Fast Start price includes any future TheProject eBooks. We are always open for great niche eBooks that we may directly market.

Disclaimer: The numbers below are for mathematical demonstration of the compensation program and there are NO guarantees of income. Your income is based on the sale of eBook advertising by yourself, and others. Your income will depend on factors you have no control over such as where you live, who you know, country laws and the effort of others. Some will earn far more and some will earn far less or nothing at all.

The commissions include:

  1. You receive $10.50 for each personal Fast Start ad you sell.
  2. You directly receive $0.25 for each eBook ad sold by your customers.
  3. You can directly receive $0.25 for all eBook ads sold on your third to seventh sphere of influence hereby called levels when qualified.

As example, when you sell one Fast Start for $20.00, you have already earned $10.50, which is enough to Pay It Forward for two personal first level partners. Pay It Forward is another powerful marketing approach discussed elsewhere on TheProject website.

When you sell two Fast Start ads, you will have earned $21 and already have back your total out of pocket cost for the program plus a profit. This is extremely powerful, because it is a golden rule in compensation plans to return the initial cost with two or three sales in order to greatly increase the chance for everyone to profit and build their business.

When you sell three Fast Start ads, you now have enough income to step up and multiply your income on the same organization ten times as your team does the same.

When you earn $30 in TheProject commissions, you can voluntarily pay the second step license fee of $30. Once you are qualified and have stepped up, you now can receive $5 first level, and $2.50 second through seventh level from customers who upgrade their license to $30.

Everyone can now step up with just three sales. You will also be paid commissions directly from the third level.

However, part of the Fast Start approach is to teach EVERYONE to sell FOUR Fast Start ads. This is because the extra sale picks up another level in the program. If everyone sells four ads, you can see you have more than the $30 needed to step up, and you also pick up the fourth level of income.

Since everyone can now step up $30 from commissions, we will change the calculator Amount to 33. This represents the potential commissions from the $5.00 and the $30 licenses for the ads in the eBooks. Without paying more out of pocket, you and everyone else easily has the 300 to step up the last step. This will multiply your initial income on the same organization one hundred times as your team does the same.

When you earned the additional $300 in TheProject commissions, you can voluntarily pay the third step license fee of $300. To show this, we will change the calculator Amount to 333. This represents the potential commissions from the $5.00, the $30 upgrade and the $300 upgrade licenses for the ads in the eBooks. Once you are qualified and have stepped up, you now can receive $50 first level, and $25 second through seventh level from customers who upgrade their license another $300.

As you can see, with no additional people or money out of pocket, the calculator shows the potential by everyone selling FOUR Fast Start ads for $20.00. This potential income, from very part time work, can easily be a life changer for many people.

Keep in mind, you can sell as many ads as you desire when you want to increase your potential income. When you take the time to teach two more people for a total of six personal sales, and still only teach building teams of four, your potential income now approaches a full time income for a year.

When you now teach two more people for a total of eight personal sales to build teams of four, your potential income could put almost anyone into their own home.

When you teach two more teams for a total of ten personal sales, all building teams of four, your potential income could pay off your home, even in high property areas. Ten teams is the maximum needed for seven level qualification.

I will leave it up to you to play with the calculator and figure out how many personal $20.00 Fast Start ads you think you can sell and what you think the average sales would be by others in your organization. However, if you know you want to make a minimum of ten sales for maximum commission, everyone is going to want to make ten sales.

In summary, your total cost out of pocket is $20.00 for advertising in currently five eBooks. You can now receive up to $65.50 from each personal sale and up to $27.50 from each customer on levels two through seven as everyone upgrades to the full advertising license.

Check the calculator on TheProject website and enter your own numbers to estimate your potential earnings.

Take action and purchase your Fast Start as soon as possible. Start teaching everyone to sell four Fast Start ads for $20.00, step up when you earn $30, and finally when you earn another $300 step up for the big pay.

The secret to qualification is to sell ten Fast Start ads personally and help those ten sell a combined twenty fast start ads as soon as possible. If you do this you will be fully qualified to be paid seven levels.

In full disclosure, the full license price of TheProject advertising is $335.00, but only the initial $5.00 is required out of pocket to get started.

The program is free to join and you can earn an income without purchasing anything. You must purchase the $5.00 TheProject ad in order to participate in the levels of TheProject compensation. You must purchase the $15 Circulating Currency ad in order to participate in TheProject upgrades.

There is a 10% fee on all Circulating Currency eBooks sales starting with your forth sale to provide for an incentive pool and company overhead.

All commissions are paid directly from the purchaser to each qualified recipient in bitcoin.

Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.