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Welcome to the PPEC and specifically TheProject.

We are not like anything you have ever seen before. We are a revolutionary system built around mathematical concepts, economics principles, and a cause. Do NOT worry about trying to figure out how the whole thing works. We have been spending our time doing that for the last two years. This system is built on a proven model that took this concept with a previous company from a negative $20,000 a month to over a million dollars a week in less than eight months. This system is an order of magnitude more lucrative for everyone no matter where you live or what your circumstances. This video will show you how simple it is to start with virtually nothing. The most successful approach is to PAY IT FORWARD.

Our goal is to create the desired income for ANY person in the world. We are able to market ANY product or service, ANYPLACE in the world no matter what the margin, through our barter system that allows you to directly buy or sell with others without the use of a bank account.

Our cause is to create a community, which will fund food, water, energy, and medical for virtually every community without government intervention or the need for economic gain. We are going to accomplish this for only $5.00 per person. If you are incredibly broke due to circumstances beyond your control, you can even earn unlimited income without taking anything but the $5.00 out of pocket.

I am NOT going to teach you about our entire program. It is designed to take months to slowly teach you what you need to know about how it all works. Instead I am going to teach you HOW to be successful with the program with the LEAST amount of learning.

Technically all you need to do is register and use the videos on this page to start building your business. It will appear the effort you need to put in to earn $0.50 is daunting. However, everything has been put together for you to make this work. The program is built on a solid and proven foundation that is mathematically designed to create your success based on the history of what motivates individuals.

Visit TheProject website at TheProject is a special project to teach you the correct principles to maximize your Equity Points in our program. Equity Points are the method used to keep track of sales activity. They do NOT equate to any fiat currency, except for the US Dollar value of bitcoin at the time advertising is sold.

TheProject is the foundation for all projects and designed to raise funds for a worthy cause. The specific project does not matter at this moment, but it demonstrates how our entire program is designed. We sell advertising or Pay it Forward with the expectation that our effort will train others to do the same. As you grow, you will learn to “Share” before receiving.

Also, you will learn to TEACH the proper structure. Click the 2-4 Team link above on this video website. The proper structure is to sell or share in groups made up of two personal customers who also have between them a combination of four customers. We call this a 2-4 team. (Two Four Team) Each time you create a 2-4 team you can receive an additional level of Equity Points in our program starting at the third level. You maximize all seven levels of Equity Points by creating five 2-4 teams. This is a total of ten personal customers and twenty second level customers.

Your initial cost is $5.00 for advertising in the Circulating Currency eBook, and the entire qualifying cost for your 30 customers and yourself is less than $170. You are going to want to immediately upgrade your advertising an additional $15 to unlock more Equity Points. The total combined ONE TIME cost for a 30 member team is less than what most programs expect you to pay on a MONTHLY basis JUST for yourself.

WARNING: You do not know the whole program at this point. Do not brush off this one time purchase at $5.00 as impossible to earn Equity Points. The full system is far superior to any program to date.

The best way to explain how TheProject Equity Points work is to show you a quick calculator demonstration. DISCLAIMER – The demonstration of the calculator is for mathematical explanation only. There is NO guarantee of ANY income. Your income will depend on your effort and the effort of others, where you live, your legal environment, your skill level and probably what you ate for breakfast and with whom you ate it.

You can read the details on the website for the rules of engagement. The bottom line is you receive $0.50 in Equity Points for your personal sales and $0.25 in Equity Points directly paid to you by the purchaser for six more levels of sales. The dollar value is not relative and your Equity Points could change radically in comparison to fiat currency.

As the chart shows, when you start with the 3 point level, ($3 at the time you purchase your $5.00 ad) and you have one personal customer, you receive 0.5 points. If you receive a second level customer you earn another 0.25 points. You receive the first and second level just for purchasing your own $5.00 advertising.

In order to receive the third level you need to enroll one 2-4 team. This is demonstrated on the calculator as 2 personal and an average of each person acquiring 2 personal. Notice, this is sufficient to earn your initial ad cost back with a small profit by sales through your third generation. By now your first two personal should have purchased their upgrade $15 ad. You receive an additional 10 points from each upgrade ad, which is enough to cover your $15 ad cost and leave an extra 5 Equity Points.

If you build another 2-4 team you pick up the fourth generation. Now upgrade your new two personal customers to the $15 ad and you will have an additional 20 points plus the 16 points for a total of 56 points.

The next 2-4 team is significant because you now upgrade your two new personal customers to the $15 ad and create another 20 points, plus the EARNED 48 points. Your total now is 48 points, plus 60 points on the $15 ad upgrades or a total 108 points. This is almost enough to Pay it Forward for your entire 30 member team for qualification.

BUT, the smart choice would be to SHARE to the $30 level in TheProject from earnings multiplying your potential Equity Points ten times. Additionally, you will be able to pay $30 for your first Phase1 Main Program eBook and still have a gain of Equity Points.

Build another 2-4 team for the sixth level, then build another team to earn the seventh level Equity Points. You have built your way into our whole program and did not need to know anything, except how to build your teams. This is the correct team structure for your Main Program.

Let me ask you a question. If you think it is not hard to build a team of ten personal customers, even if you had to Pay it Forward for $50; do you agree others could do half as much work as you and create teams of five customers at a total cost of $25, even if they had to Pay it Forward? If so, let us change the average to five personal customers and watch what happens to the Equity Points.

Now, here is a secret I bet you never even thought about. Everyone will probably step up to the $30 SHARE from earnings, because they also want to participate in the ten times Equity Points. If we add the 30 point level to become 33 points total, watch what happens to the Equity Points.

Keep in mind there is another third SHARE that can only be taken from earnings, which increases the potential Equity Points another ten times.

These numbers were for mathematical demonstration purposes to show how the Equity Points work. You can go to the website and enter your own calculations based on your own experience. Even if it took you ten years to earn a fraction of these points, would it be worth your effort?

But once again, this demonstration only scratches the surface, because the same people follow you into our Main Program with an even more lucrative Equity Distribution Formula. This includes many other benefits, which are a part of the full program.

I know you are excited, so let me show you how to get your free eBook, register for free, get your bitcoin account, find your business control panel, pay for your $5.00 ad and teach you methods to start telling and sharing with others in the next two videos.

In review, the critical points about TheProject are:

1. You purchase fixed advertising ONE TIME at the top of the Circulating Currency eBook linking to TheProject for $5.00. The bottom of every page is connected to you so you can receive Equity Points when you sell any and all advertising in our entire program.

2. The Circulating Currency eBook is to teach everyone what, why and how to use bitcoin personally and commercially. It will teach you how to receive, use, send and redeem bitcoin. This eBook is critical. If you approach traditional business, tell them all they need to do is give the eBook away through a cell phone or QR code to potential customers without needing to teach employees how it works. You and all your contacts need the Circulating Currency eBook because our whole business is built on bitcoin.

3. The author will share back to you and others $2.00 of the purchase price for helping do the work of advertising TheProject. $1.00 will be donated by the Author to TheProject. The remaining $2.00 is used to move all the Equity Points to the proper recipients using the Bitcoin Blockchain.

4. You maximize your potential by selling advertising or paying the advertising forward to two individuals and teach them to do the same. This is important! Always continues to work to create an additional two new personal customers and help them acquire two customers each as a 2-4 team. Do this for a total of ten personal customer and twenty combined customers of your customers. The total cost for ten personal customers is $50 plus $100 for the second level twenty customers.

5. You must initially purchase or receive your ad for $5.00 and as soon as possible upgrade the ad in the Circulating Currency eBook for $15. The upgrade ad allows you to change the ad at the top of every page of the Circulating Currency eBook to any link and is very valuable for marketing to leaders and traditional businesses. Additionally, the $15 upgrade is needed to qualify to multiply your potential Equity Points ten times.

6. If everyone will learn to work for maximum qualification with ten personal and twenty second level customers, the results are incredible. This method will multiply many times your Equity Points because the SAME individuals should automatically follow you into the $30 and $300 SHARE to TheProject. This increases your equity Points ten and then one hundred times. Finally, the same people follow into the $15 Circulating Currency upgrade and then into the Phase1, Phase2, and Phase3 part of our program which is complex, but they arrive with maximum earning potential without knowing how it happened.

It is now YOUR turn to TAKE ACTION. Watch the next two videos and get started.

Note: The total advertising for ALL TheProject eBooks is $335.00, paid in steps. The first step $5.00 is often paid by your referrer, qualifying you to be paid on $5.00 of licenses sold in your organization based on the compensation formula. The additional $330 licenses must be paid for out of profits qualifying you to receive commissions on the remainder of the license fees.

Notice: Please seek professional tax and legal advice in your country on the implications of potential digital earnings, especially with our Equity Distribution Formula.

Warning: This entire compensation plan and software, including this website and videos are under copyright. Do not copy ANY of the material in any form on any of the websites. You will be terminated on first offence with no questions asked.

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